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But the problem is not completely solved, we have one more examination and treatment appointment. The reason for this catastrophic weight is multifaceted.on the. And you can solve it step by step. Unfortunately, only in Israel they were able to help us start treatment and conduct an examination. Another stage of the examination is required with the appointment of the next course of treatment. I appeal to all people who can help. Please don't pass by! Help my daughter! We have a complex operation and examination ahead of us.

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Often functional bridity can occur as a result of excitement or overwork. In addition, diseases of the secretion organs or burns of the oral cavity (in case a person has tried too hot food) can also become the cause of bridiness. Among confectioners, functional bridiness is the result of a long stay in workshops, where high temperatures and oversaturation with sweet smells are characteristic. However, this state can last no more than two or three hours, after which the person's sense of taste is completely restored.

Breeding is a concept that is used to denote the complete absence of any person of culinary taste. In addition, this term can be used in case of a temporary loss or distortion of taste in a cook or confectioner (the so-called functional bridity), which is similar to when a singer temporarily loses his voice.

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The duration of support on a healthy limb is increased. The value of the maximum load on the sections of the foot when standing and walking is reduced, the anterior and posterior shocks of the foot with brachymetatarsia are reduced. Functional status was assessed using the AOFAS scale in 9 patients 18 months after surgical treatment.

When walking at an arbitrary pace, the duration of the step period relative to the opposite side was shorter. The ratio of the duration of the transfer of the limb over the support and the roll over the foot on the intact limb was increased, on the side of brachymetatarsia it was reduced.

When studying the biomechanics of walking in patients with brachymetatarsia of the fourth metatarsal bones, no significant deviations from the age norm, as well as a pronounced difference in the kinematic and dynamic parameters of walking on the sides, were noted. Abnormalities have been noted in patients with inequality in the length of the I metatarsal bones.

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The authors studied the basic and temporal parameters of walking, which directly reflect step characteristics (walking pace, movement speed, step length, support phase, rhythm coefficient), kinematic (characterizing angular movements in the joints of the lower extremities) and dynamic parameters (reflecting support reaction vectors). Dynamic parameters were compared with the age norm.

Violation of the metatarsal parabola due to shortening of one or another metatarsal bonelysed on radiographs, structural changes were noted in the IV metatarsal bones in the form of hypoplasia of the diaphyseal part and a decrease in the intensity of the radiological shadow of the head.

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